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Application Security

TrustFoundry focuses on helping our customers identify and efficiently eliminate risks to their organizations.

Your Security is our Priority

Our services are designed for Modern Digital Ecosystems.

Simple Execution

Designed for IT teams and tailored to support their operational requirements, providing a purple team service.

Dynamic, agile and responsive

A technical eco-system has many entry points. Our penetration testing solution keeps evolving on a day to day basis, as cyber threats change daily.

Scalable Services

From educating to embedding within your teams to being an external outsourced team, we make security stick as an organizational priority.

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Our services are built for protection

Maintaining a secure environment in an ever-changing environment is challenging. Our services are designed to offer the most protection.

Penetration Testing
  • Effectively identify security flaws in today’s applications
  • Combine manual testing techniques with automated tools to thoroughly and efficiently identify vulnerabilities
  • Exposes numerous significant business logic flaws that the best automated scanners cannot detect. Industry studies conclude that correctly-configured automated scanners discover less than half of application vulnerabilities
  • Access to application environment and source code required
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Secure Code Review
  • Secure Code Review is a comprehensive code review method used to identify security vulnerabilities in software applications. This includes a manual analysis of the source code that is combined with automated tools to provide an efficient way to identify security issues. We can conduct this review with or without access to your application environment – depending on how much access you want us to have to your data. The detailed report includes a list of findings as well as recommendations for improving code security.
  • Manual code review is a time-consuming and costly process of identifying vulnerabilities by reviewing source code line by line. Even with tools to automate the analysis, it can take a significant amount of time to complete a code review.
  • Hire us to conduct a comprehensive application source code review. Our experienced team of security analysts will identify vulnerabilities in your source code and make recommendations for improvement. We provide a complete report listing our findings, along with a prioritized list of potential fixes or workarounds based on the risks of each vulnerability.
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Threat Modeling
  • Evaluate solutions and determine which attack vectors would lead to sensitive access.
  • Provide actionable intelligence and answer the question: “What could go wrong?”
  • Evaluate both highly technical systems and non-technical business processes.
  • May be conducted at time of solution design, or after solution implementation.
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Continuous Application Penetration Testing
  • Continuous Application Penetration Tests are affordable services and fully customizable to suit your needs and help you to achieve continuous security and compliance. On-premise or in the cloud, we will provide you with a customized Continuous Application Penetration Test that is tailored to your unique environment. We will identify vulnerabilities using a custom configured scanner augmented by manual validation of detected results. Automated scanning and collaboration with your team detect changes in the assets and applications.
  • Our continuous scanning methodology ensures your organization’s attack surface is constantly monitored, identifying changes in your environment. TrustFoundry will regularly re-evaluate and retest assets that have undergone changes.
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