Browser URL Encoding Decoding and XSS

Browser URL Encoding Decoding and XSS This article was originally written in early 2010, and has been lightly updated in 2015. Cross-site scripting attacks can be difficult to reproduce because of browser issues.  This problem is exacerbated by the fact that there is very little information regarding URL encoding and decoding.  Hopefully this will help [...]

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TrustFoundry at TriKC 0x01

TrustFoundry at TriKC 0x01 On November 12th, TrustFoundry will be competing at TriKC 0x01 in Overland Park, KS.  Come see Matt South present on finding vulnerabilities using grey-box PHP analysis, and Alex Lauerman present on using software defined radio to find weaknesses in proprietary communication protocols.  More info and registration can be found at  

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TrustFoundry at BlackHat USA 2014

TrustFoundry at BlackHat USA 2014 TrustFoundry will be at BlackHat USA 2014 showing the Burp Suite application security tool that we co-wrote, BReWSki.  If you will be attending, or come see our presentation!

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Building a Presentation Recording Setup

Building a Presentation Recording Setup After seeing countless great presentations at SecKC, it was clear that a recording setup was needed to capture the wonderful content so it could be leveraged by others. I wanted to quickly document what we are using to record, in case it is helpful for others trying to record and distribute knowledge. [...]

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Is Security Worth it?

Is Security Worth it? I have had a passion to determine the real impact that security has on business.  After performing detailed quantitative analysis and modeling on a limited data set, we have determined the point at which breach impact is maximized.  This research and analysis and a review of previous research will be discussed on May 13th at Secure [...]

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