Careers at TrustFoundry

New Jobs at TrustFoundryWe’re looking for experienced and motivated penetrations testers. If you’re interested in penetration testing and security research, please send your resume to ten.yrdnuoftsurtnull@sreerac.

If you have relevant links you’d like to include such as a LinkedIn profile, a GitHub profile, or a Stack Overflow account, please include that as well.

Any candidates with minimal professional penetration testing experience (who would need training) should be located in Kansas City.

Attributes We Look For

  • Experience in application and network penetration testing
  • Ability to read and write code in common languages
  • Strong written and verbal communication skills
  • Expertise in any areas of personal interest
  • Computer science or related degree
  • Completion of MOOC’s in security-related fields
  • Involvement in security-related projects including CTFs.
  • Completion of security-related books
  • Experience in technical fields
  • Offensive Security certifications